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FAX FAX ‎– Bite Back ‎– BTEL 1 UK


FAXFAX‎– Bite Back ‎– BTEL 1UK Very interesting DIY project from one of the early members of Roxy Music. Private press that comes in a charming designed packaging. Simple, uncoated one color print. On the backside nice illustrated icons for all songs to describe musical […]

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass ‎ Bandfire – Panda Records ‎– Panda 1 Germany 1981

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass ‎– Bandfire

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass ‎Bandfire– Panda Records ‎– Panda 1Germany1981 Typical quality Big Band, Jazz-Funk stuff by Peter Herbolzheimer. Recorded with some genius European Jazz musicians. This one is also the first release on PANDA records, a small German label only for Peter […]

Mike Francis ‎– Survivor (1984)

Mike Francis ‎– Survivor

Mike Francis Survivor– Concorde ‎– CND 15001Italy1984 Michele Francesco Puccioni (1961 – 2009), mostly known under his stage name Mike Francis, was an Italian singer and composer, born in Florence, Italy. With SURVIVOR he dropped 1984 his biggest hit. Balearic, Italo Disco, Blue-Eyed Soul … […]

Selected Sound ‎– Folklore-Serie GREECE – Selected Sound ‎– ST 142 Germany 1983

Selected Sound ‎– Folklore-Serie – GREECE

Selected Sound ‎– Folklore-Serie GREECE – Selected Sound ‎– ST 142 Germany 1983 MYKONOS FAREWELL written by Victor Cavini (a.k.a. Gerhard Trede) Greece holiday feelings. Another Selected Sound ‎– Folklore-Serie record. This one full of Greek music written by the German Library Music composers Hans […]

Wilfried Grote ‎ MUPF – Pferdekuss – pläne ‎– 88490 D Germany 1986

MUPF – Pferdekuss

Wilfried Grote ‎ MUPF – Pferdekuss – pläne ‎– 88490 D Germany 1986 New Wave, Funk & Soul, Disco and some Reggae with nice German vocals. Seldom enough in this business … Quality music for children. MUPF, the formation around Wilfried Grote made a great […]

Demis Roussos ‎– The Demis Roussos Magic

Demis Roussos ‎– The Demis Roussos Magic

Demis Roussos ‎ The Demis Roussos Magic – Philips ‎– 9120 198 Greece 1977 Demis Roussos – ‎Let It Happen Great album by Greek singer and performer Artemios (Demis) Ventouris Roussos (Ντέμης Ρούσσος). Another collaboration between Demis Roussos and Vangelis. Near all tracks are arranged […]

Izabela Trojanowska ‎– Iza

Izabela Trojanowska ‎ Iza – Tonpress ‎– SX-T5 Poland 1981 Jestem Twoim Grzechem108 BPM Debut album by Polish singer and film actress Izabela Trojanowska that contains the awesome electronic, Synth-Pop tune JESTEM TWOIM GRZECHEM. Dope, relaxed, repetitive and so groovy! Picture from STARTRADIO OPOLE […]

Loukas Thanos ‎ Jazzburger – Δισκογραφικός Συνεταιρισμός Καλλιτεχνών ‎– ΔΣΚ Νο17 Greece 1984

Loukas Thanos – JAZZBURGER

ΛΟΥΚΑΣ ΘΑΝΟΣ JAZZBURGER – Δισκογραφικός Συνεταιρισμός Καλλιτεχνών ‎– ΔΣΚ Νο17 Greece 1984 Jazzburger (105 BPM) Written by Liana Thanou, Idyli Tsaliki JAZZBURGER by Greek composer Loukas Thanos ‎(ΛΟΥΚΑΣ ΘΑΝΟΣ). There is not much I can say about this album. It’s declared as Original Soundtrack. I am […]

Black Jack ‎– Hot Passion

Black Jack Hot Passion – Pinball Records ‎– 6.23794 AP Germany 1979 I Am The Disco Machine 113 BPM Disco made with passion in Germany. HOT PASSION is also the name of this debut album by BLACK JACK a Funk, Soul Disco band established by […]

Loredana Berté ‎– LOREDANA BERTE’

Loredana Berté LOREDANA BERTE’ – CGD ‎– CGD 20209 Italy 1980 PRIMA O POI — Backing Vocals – Aida Castignola, Eloisa, Lalla Francia Bass – Dino Kappa Drums – Walter Calloni Guitar – Kelvin Bullen, Mario Lavezzi Keyboards – Stefano Pulga Saxophone – Claudio Pascoli […]

Pino D’Angio …balla!

Pino D’Angio …balla!

Pino D’Angio …balla! – Ri-Fi ‎– RDZ-ST 14324 Italy 1981 Finest Italian Pop and Disco. Pino D’Angio …balla! The debut album by the Italian SOUL crooner was also re-released in 2018 as Blue Vinyl Edition. Okay Okay 113 BPM Written by Enrico Intra Pino D’Angio …balla! […]

Mythen in Tüten – Die neue Kollektion

Mythen in Tüten – Die neue Kollektion

Mythen in Tüten Die neue Kollektion – No Fun Records ‎– NF 014 Germany 1981 Mäzen Vocals – Angelika Maiworm Written by Maiworm, Winschetti, Wolter, Erlhoff, Klose Debut album by Mythen in Tüten. Full of outstanding, multifaceted and sometimes dance floor qualified New Wave (Neue […]

The Pinups ‎– The Pinups

The Pinups The Pinups – Polydor ‎– 2417 136 Germany 1980 MONEY & LOVE 105 BPM Written by Ingeborg Hauke Post-Punk, New Wave, New Romantic band The Pinups was casted, created and produced in Germany by Polydor records. Advertised as the fresh and hot stuff […]

TELE MUSIC ‎– Maxi-Music (Volume 2) TM 3080

TELE MUSIC ‎– Maxi-Music (Volume 2)

Various ‎ Maxi-Music (Volume 2) – Tele Music ‎– TM 3080 France 1980   Probably one of the most interesting Library records from this label. Very useful. Especially in a DJ-context. Funk & Soul, Electronic, Disco, Latin & Brazil … great sounds in many different […]

Bongi Makeba ‎– Blow On Wind

Bongi Makeba ‎ Blow On Wind – pläne ‎– 88234 Germany 1980 Blow On Wind Gorgeous African music release on the tiny German PLÄNE label by the South African singer and songwriter Bongi Makeba (Sibongile Angela Makeba). Yes, that’s Miriam Makeba’s daughter and this one […]

Frank Kojo ‎– Hidden Treasures

Frank Kojo ‎ Hidden Treasures – Tamale Sounds ‎– 1001 ST Germany 1981 Hidden Treasures Excellent album by the in Accra, Ghana born Frank Kojo. But there is not only African music to discover on this record. Reggae, Funk & Soul, Caribbean and Arabian affected […]

C.A.T. ‎– Join The Party

C.A.T. ‎– Join The Party

C.A.T. Join The Party – Good Noise ‎– VGNS 2006 Germany 1981 Hi Berlin So groovy and funky as Rock-music can be. Soulful vocals, proper percussion beats, a rolling baseline and on top the flashy keyboard sounds by Rüdiger Arndt. I would call it SOUL! […]

Chilly ‎– Showbiz

Chilly ‎ Showbiz – Polydor ‎– 2417 137 Germany 1980 Chilly ‎– I Hear You Knocking (1980) Written by Bernt Möhrle, Brad Howell   Showbiz Another record by CHILLY, the spicy German glamour Disco group leaded by producer and songwriter Bernt Möhrle. But aside from […]

Ströer ‎– STRÖER

Ströer ‎ STRÖER – Flame ‎– FL 44.040 Germany 1979 Some People… Lead vocals, backing vocals by Lucy Neale Mixed by Hansi Ströer Don’t Stay For Breakfast – Mixed by Harry Thumann Vocals by Dagmar Hellberg STRÖER – STRÖER, the amazing debut album by the […]

Kati És A Kerek Perec ‎– Kati És A Kerek Perec

Kati És A Kerek Perec Kati És A Kerek Perec – Pepita ‎– SLPX 17605 Hungary 1979 TITANIC Narrator – Bőzsöny Ferenc Another album from Hungary that contains some real dope Disco sounds. For my taste are the tunes in all sometimes a little bit […]

Perry Rosewood ‎– Citroën Melodie

Perry Rosewood ‎ Citroën Melodie – SHOW Organisation Dieter Liffers GmbH Germany 1979 Citroën Melodie (Deux Chevaux) Racy driver Autobahn-sound. Promotional recording produced for Citroën. Probably a kind of freebie for customers that bought a turntable-in-car sound system. Many tunes sounds cheesy easy but beside […]

Supermax ‎– Electricity

Supermax ‎ Electricity – Ariola ‎– 205 301 Germany 1983 Coconut Reggae The dope COCONUT REGGAE, for me, simply the best tune on this seldom seen SUPERMAX album. Also available as Ariola (600 791-213) 12″ Super Sound Single and often also the much cheaper way […]

Paolo Casa ‎– Soul Tracks

Paolo Casa Soul Tracks – Manhattan Records ‎– MNLP 00021 Italy 1978 Slap It Another essential Italian Library record that contains very funky, useful and DJ-friendly tunes. I would say that my favorite is SLAP IT with relaxed 110BPM but it’s just the one that […]

A. Leroux, C. Norden – Disco Time

Alain Leroux, Christer Norden Disco Time – CAM ‎– CML 165 Italy 1977 Discomaniac One of many great tunes on this CAM Library record. Funky, very useful and DJ-friendly sounds. Latin, Disco and some great instrumental Funk & Soul gems. Some comes also with short […]

Joy Fleming ‎– I Only Wanna Get Up And Dance

Joy Fleming I Only Wanna Get Up And Dance – Atlantic ‎– ATL 50 469 Germany 1978 The Final Thing With the 15:05 minutes THE FINAL THING the German Soul queen from Mannheim finally entered 1978 also the Disco-Train. Superior collaborating with Donna Summer’s producer […]

Atmosfear ‎– First / Fourmost

Atmosfear ‎ First / Fourmost – Elite ‎– ATM 33-1 UK 1984 Extract Yes exactly EXTRACT is this days my favorite track on this essential 12″ by the British Disco-Jazz band ATMOSFEAR. But all the four spacey tunes on this 33⅓ RPM Mini-LP are great […]

bizzl – 12 Sommer Hits (Crypton – Stranger In Space)

bizzl 12 Sommer Hits – CBS Special Products, Aladin ‎– LSP 15251 Germany 1982 Crypton – Stranger In Space This funny bizzl Sommer Hits compilation contains exactly one great tune: STRANGER IN SPACE by Crypton. Gorgeous cosmic disco with laid-back 113 BPM. A convince combination […]

Gina X Performance ‎– Nice Mover

Gina X Performance ‎ Nice Mover – Crystal – 064 CRY 45 129, Electrola ‎– 1C 064-45 129 Germany 1978 No G.D.M. (Dedicated to Quentin Crisp) Very cool Arthouse Electro-Disco made in Cologne, Germany. NO G.D.M. was also the first single release from this debut […]

OK Band ‎– Disco!

OK Band ‎ Disco! – Supraphon ‎– 1113 3698 Czechoslovakia 1985 Rytmus Srdce Slanting Czech Disco! RYTMUS SRDCE is the absolute favorite of mine on this in general very nice synthy Disco-Pop album by the OK BAND from Czechoslovakia. I have really no idea what […]

Szűcs Judith ‎– Meleg Az Éjszaka

Szűcs Judith Meleg Az Éjszaka – Pepita ‎– SLPX 17636 Hungary 1980 Meleg Az Éjszaka Hungarian Disco-Pop with a tropical holiday breath. Well-balanced arrangement on the relaxed exotic Disco beat with 113 BPM. Decent use of strings, froggy synths and the nice voice of Szűcs […]

Charly Kingson ‎– Dance to the music

Charly Kingson ‎– Dance to the music

Charly Kingson ‎ Dance To The Music – CK 001 Germany 1980 Jazz Welle Plus Hamburg To make the three in a row, with all the Charly Kingson releases, complete we have here the album DANCE TO THE MUSIC. If I got that right it’s complete […]

Charly Kingson ‎– Born In Africa

Charly Kingson ‎ Born In Africa – Fleet ‎– 26 165 XOT Netherlands 1978 Manyaka If you ask me today I would say MANYAKA (118 BPM) is my absolutely favorite tune. Incredible baselines, dope Synthesizer grooves, the decent operation of the „The Munich Strings“ and […]

Charly Kingson ‎– Born In Africa (Remix 1982)

Charly Kingson ‎ Born In Africa (Remix 1982) – Ariola ‎– 600.608 Germany 1982 Born In Africa (Remix 1982) Slightly edited 12″ Maxi-Single version of BORN IN AFRICA remixed by percussionist, Eddie Conard. Tidy and dance floor friendly. With 117 BPM little faster but also […]

Ikwezi ‎– Ikwezi

Ikwezi Ikwezi – Biton ‎– BIT 2122 Germany 1981 All That I Desire Far-out 110 BPM Afro-Disco-Funk recorded at Bitone Studios Frankfurt/M. Germany. Ikwezi IKWEZI was founded by former MOMBASA 2 bassist Donald „DON“ Ridgeway. Awesome album, Afrobeat and great Funk & Soul but what […]

Arpadys ‎– Arpadys

Arpadys Arpadys – Decca ‎– 6.23492 AO Germany 1978 Funky Bass For many people is MONKEY STAR the noted tune on this great French Cosmic Disco album. But I really must say my absolutely favorite is the, with 95 BPM much slower, FUNKY BASS. Great […]

Easy Going ‎– Easy Going

Guenter Platzek Wintergarden – Selected Sound ‎– ST 120 Germany 1979 Midnight Train The cover looks rather cheesy but this is actual one of my favorite Selected Sound library albums. For MIDNIGHT TRAIN with 122 BPM the FOR DANCING label fits very good. Tracklist A1 Wintergarden (04:13) A2 Boogie Woogie Truck (02:47) A3 Midnight Train […]

Nina Hagen Band – Nina Hagen Band

Nina Hagen Band Nina Hagen Band ‎– CBS ‎– 83136 Germany 1978 Auf’m Bahnhof Zoo Funky punky 108 BPM Disco-Pogo with great vocals by the “Godmother of Punk” Nina Hagen singing about a lesbian encounter on a ladies’ toilet. Nice Price NINA HAGEN BAND was […]

Firebirds – Zurück zur Erde

Firebirds Zurück zur Erde – Arminia Records – SRI 5047 Germany 1982 Mecca Funny froggy synths and a dope, hypnotic flute on a pumping beat with lazy 90 BPM. Listen, close your eyes and you will see the people dancing polonaise at ballroom of the Maritim Berghotel […]

Elektro-Dschungel ‎– Kebab und andere Träume

Elektro-Dschungel Kebab und andere Träume – Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden – SJR/BDP 001/300408 Germany 1987 Kebabträume & Liebe Gabi KEBAB TRÄUME is an exotic grooving and very soulful cover version of this New Wave classic. When you compare it with the original, or especially the later and colder 12″ version from 1982 […]