Kebab und andere Träume

Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden – SJR/BDP 001/300408

Kebabträume & Liebe Gabi

KEBAB TRÄUME is an exotic grooving and very soulful cover version of this New Wave classic. When you compare it with the original, or especially the later and colder 12″ version from 1982 by D.A.F. (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft), you can feel the contrast. Well done, characterful Dschungel-interpretation and it’s blended together perfectly with LIEBE GABI (original by Ali Derdiyoklar, see the YouTube below), the next tune and the other very important cover version on the outstanding Elektro-Dschungel album.

Dschungel-Music made in Wiesbaden

KEBAB UND ANDERE TRÄUME is an extremely great album produced by musician and social worker Winfried Nacke (www.soundsandnoises.de) with students of the Wiesbadener Jugendwerkstatt. Turkish, German, Iranian, Polish, Moroccan … multinational young people with different cultural backgrounds making music together, playing live shows and releasing this wonderful record as physical result of this multicultural youth work project. For sure, the music is also very diverse. A kind of New Wave, a lot of Turkish Pop and Oriental-Rock, Funk & Soul, Hip-Hop but also Disco in a exotic way. Great cross-cultural music that sometimes sounds a little fragile or less-than-perfect what gives it the special charm and differentiates it from the glossy commercial Ethno Pop Genre. When you listen to the record from start to finish you will experience a journey from West to East and you can definitely feel the good vibe of this project and Wiesbaden in the late 80s.



Elektro-Dschungel ‎
Kebab- und andere Träume

Edition Dschungel – ED001


Official 30 years Anniversary Edition

It was a lot of work but we finally managed to have it in line with the times for the 30 years anniversary. The day of the first release was the 19th of December of the year 1987 and around the same time 2017 the restored and carefully made anniversary edition was available in some superior record shops again. You can directly order via Tactile Record Store your copy of this quality made third vinyl issue of this great piece of music.

Order via Tactile Record Store: info@tactilemusic.de


Kebab over Germany

As every private released vinyl record KEBAB UND ANDERE TRÄUME is also kind of rare and not easy to find. The initial pressing was 1000 copies, nearly completely sold directly to family and friends at the completely sold out release party, 19th of December 1987 in HAUS DER JUGEND, Elsässer Platz, Wiesbaden, Germany. This first edition was followed by a second run of another 1000 copies early 1988. Serial number, cover artwork and everything is 100% identical. You can only distinguish the two editions because the first issue could be found from time to time with a postcard and the postal address for fan mail on the backside and sometimes with a sticker on it used as a ticket for the release concert. The second little but more secure indication for a copy of the first edition is that it has no NASPA logo printed at the insert because this sponsor was not fixed at that time. The later second run of another 1000 copies was sold through BÜCHERGILDE and has often the typical blue price sticker on the back and as mentioned before the sponsor logo of NASPA (Nassauische Sparkasse), a local savings bank. 300 copies of this edition were also sold through a French distributing company.


Wiesbaden, 1987
Finally the first records just arrived!

First release, second press or the anniversary edition: all are the exactly the same great records in good quality delivering this wonderful music! But if you ask me what’s really or maybe impossible to find, I would say that’s the audio cassette with recordings from the live tour KEBAB OVER GERMANY. Absolutely untraceable are some of the nice tour concert give aways like buttons or condoms (was also a sponsoring deal with CONDOMERIA for the live tour in 1988). But I think it’s good that the condoms are all used and gone and the people had their fun.

1987 First Edition

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Elektro-Dschungel ‎
Kebab und andere Träume

Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden – SJR/BDP 001/300408

1988 Second Edition
With NASPA Logo

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Elektro-Dschungel ‎
Kebab und andere Träume

Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden – SJR/BDP 001/300408


1.  elle rond, elle bon et blonde (T.: M. Hidaa; M.: W. Nacke) 5:00
2.  kebabträume (T.: G. Delgado Lopez; M.: R. Görl) 4:08
3.  liebe gabi (T. & M.: Derdiyoklar, Ali) 4:52
4.  oriental pop (M.: T. Azakli; W. Nacke) 4:28

1.  eminem (trad.: Y. Cira; W. Nacke) 5:40
2.  al-hoceima (T. & M.: Hidaa) 4:00
3.  gurbet kuşu (T.: T. Azakli; M.: A. Riza Agören) 4:02
4.  alhoria (T. & M.: M. Hidaa) 3:20
5.  şekeroğlan oyun havası (trad.: Derdiyoklar, Ali) 2:36

Der Klang (SES)

Temel Azakli – ges., perc. (vokal, vurmalı çalgılar)
Mohammed Hidaa – ges., git. perc. (vokal, gitar, vurmalı çalgılar)
Simone Hof – ges. (vokal)
Angelika Grundig – chor, ges. (koro, vokal)
Nicole Bach – chor, ges. (koro, vokal)
Michael Schwarz – bass (bass gitar)
Yusuf Cira – dr., drrr., perc. (bateri, drrr., vurmalı çalgılar)
Andy Doré – dr., perc. (bateri, vurmalı çalgılar)
Ali Rıza Ağören – saz, per. (saz, vurmalı çalgılar)
Daniel Theobold – git. (gitar)
Franz Ringhofer – synthesizer (org)
Detlef Rieger – perc. (vurmalı çalgılar)
Eric Schwabenland – dr. bird (kuş sesi)
George Lohse – trompete (trompet)
Winfried Nacke – tenorsax, flöte (tenor saksofon, flüt)
Alexander Hof – mix (miks)
Holger Gesell – feuerspuck (ateş püskürtücü)

mit (beraber)

Derdiyoklar, Ali – saz [W3; 05]
Alex Hedij – altsax (alto saksofon) [W1; W4]

und (ve)

Badij – orientalischer tanz (oryantal dans)

Das Studio (Stüdyo)

„Soundgarage“ Wiesbaden 8-Spur (8-iz)
aufgenommen (kayıt tarihleri): 02.–10. 10.; 16., 17., 22., 23. Oktober 1987
Aufnahme (çekim/Tonmaister): Michel H. Weis / Andy Sachs / Ulrich Wahl
Aufnahmeassistenz (çekim assistanlığı): Heike Fickel / Alexander Hof
Abmischung (miks): Reinhard Schuckmann / ThomasGrill / Heike FickelÜberspielung (aktarma): Brüggemann, Ffm.
Pressung (Baskı): Interpress, Bad Homburg

Die Hülle (Kapak-Kılıf)

Die Szenerie (Sahne): Monika Sammler / Brigitte Bilshausen / Zafer Ahvaz / Monika Kreuz
Das Image (Imaj): Conny Kemper-Herlet / Alexandra Esper / Heike Reiniger / Brigitte Simpel / Anbho
Gemälde (Resim): Stevan Fritz
Celluloid (Selüloit/Fotograflar): Nedim Yagizar / Daniel Theobald / Ottmar Schick
Die Innenhülle (Iç Kapak): Stefanie Rühl
Das Coverfoto (Kapak Fotografı): Ottmar Schick
Logo, Etikett, Ticket (Logo, Etiket, Giriş Bileti): INFRArot
Satz (Yazı Dizisi): Satzdienst Bukowski/Bramsche
Coverdruck (kapak baskı): Druckerei Alt, Niederdorfelden
Plakatives (Görseller/Afişler): Michael Dietrich / Andreas Stegmeier / Ottmar Schick Koordination (Koordinasyon): Winfried Nacke

Produktion (prodüksiyon):

Winfried Nacke / Harald Heine

für (için):
Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden
Bund Deutscher Pfadfinder (Alman Izciler Derneği)
In Zusammenarbeit mit (işbirliği ile):
Wiesbadener Jugendwerkstatt GmbH und mit Unterstützung der (destekleri ile): Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden

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Kebab und andere Träume

Stadtjugendring Wiesbaden – SJR/BDP 001/300408