Some sweet memories of a very nice Friday evening at the beginning of December in Cologne. I was invited by Isabel Del Valle to join her in providing the music for an evening of her Favourite Colours event at the Mäurer Bar. What you can hear here is a live recording, an almost 60-minute excerpt from my contribution to this all-around successful evening.


Albert ‎– AHÏA (La Tendresse, Les Caresses) (1991)
The Stratos Division – Satellit’s Order (1978)
Mario Amato – AOH! (What You’re Doing?) (1987)
Mamukata – El Flute Del Sol (DJ Jimmy Groove Version) (1994)
Mari Kaneko – Get To Paradise (1983)
Nuala – Cucudua (1983)
Wolfsmond – Fühl dich frei (1982)
Λουκάς Θάνος – Jazzburger (1984)
Sona Diabaté – Djoulou Nouma (Radio Edit) (1997)
Serge Guirao – Fascinación (De Amor) (Version Espagnole) (1985)
Clara Capri – Maudit DJ (1986)
The Three Ladies – Deadline (Instrumental) (1986)
Satari – Smile (1986)
Sly & Robbie – Billie Jean (1984)
Veroniqué – Jungle Man (1987)
Phill & Friends Band – This Man (1980)
LNTG – I Don’t Like Acid (2016)
Ramona – Heartbeat (1988)



My Belgian friends from Planet Groove invited me to record a guest mix to be released as part of the Planet Groove mixtape series and to kick off the new year. So I’ve put together a nice warm-up selection to build a ramp for everything that comes after. Some Balearic, laid-back 80s New Wave, relaxed Disco, and a bit of cosmic Afro-House. Birdland will close the show with a funny BRAZIL trip.

JULY 2022

Sun Signs

Sun-kissed Balearic vibes, Mediterranean grooves, and other summery sounds for a little dance at the pool bar. And finally, a mixtape of mine, which also includes DREAMS OF MUSIC by the great Italian band Aura Safari. Since last year, certainly for many years, one of my absolute favorites.

JUNE 2022

What Is Love Today?

At the end of May, I was invited by my mate Mario Marini (Marini Records) to play a Balearic Sunday Session with him at PAAK VINYL BAR in Nijmegen (Netherlands). And so we both delivered our best selection of Balearic, Tropical, and other summer vacation-ready records to close out the weekend. What you can hear here is a recording of the very early and relaxed start of the evening.

MAY 2022

You Make Me So Nervous

Rediscovered this mixtape during a recent digital cleanup. Recorded in 2004, at a time when WIWWG.COM had a clear and strong focus on Brazilian music, not from Brazil. Now, almost 20 years later, I still love this sound very much, and I hope you do too. And if you like, you can find some of these and similar records in my always well-curated BRAZIL bin.

APRIL 2022

There’s A Virus Going Round

Since the Coronavirus has changed our world so much, I have unfortunately only had the opportunity to share music with an audience once. As part of an IMA CLIQUE SESSION (Sound & Art Live Stream), we broadcast from the BAR SHUKA to the internet. Artist Il-Jin Atem Choi painted a picture while my colleague Weller and I played some records. Sadly, the recording was lost after the stream. Even sadder was that a year later, my records were still in the same order in my record case. So at least it was easy to reconstruct my contribution and re-record it for this mixtape.

APRIL 2020

Von der Insel

Soulful summer sounds, tropical grooves, and viscous island disco beats. The mixtape starts with a field recording from Kefalos Beach, Greece island of Kos. Just recorded with my mobile phone, last summer, early morning on an empty beach after a very grateful island DJ job. Visiting Kos again this summer? I think that’s also something I can cross off the list …. but I try to stay in good spirits and full of beautiful memories VON DER INSEL!

JUNE 2019

Tropical Climax

Balearic, Tropical, and other relaxed, sun-compatible sounds. Also included are some of the great recommendations I got at the Utrecht record fair at the stand of my mate Cyril from Holywax Records from France.


Give Me Disco

A little teaser mixtape to get you in the mood for the GIVE ME DISCO event that my mate DJ Ulrik Riehmer (STEREO MISSION™) and I played at the unfortunately no longer existing club ARM in Kassel, Germany.

Give Me Disco