Orchestra Gerhard Trede – Points Of Vision (1975)



NOS, Dead-stock copy! Original STILL SEALED vinyl! The LP is sealed and has never been opened before. The cover shows just a couple of light storage marks. Amazing original sealed copy, still in shrink, never played fresh virgin vinyl. You will be the first one to listen to this record! The cover picture is a generic one and has nothing to do with the actual offer.


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Orchestra Gerhard Trede
Points Of Vision

Selected Sound – 9048
Radio Television Film Advertising Backgrounds – 48

Another dope Selected Sound Library Music record by Gerhard Trede. This one contains many musical POINTS and FILDS that are meant to serve as background for documentaries but are also suitable for dancing. Cinematic crime jazz, breakbeats and some quirky disco synth sounds such as the popcorn-like FIELDS 1!

Points Of Vision
A1Points 11:51
A2Points 22:10
A3Points 31:07
A4Points 41:32
A5Points 50:46
A6Points 61:59
A7Points 72:16
A8Points 80:43
A9Points 91:54
A10Points 100:30
A11Points 110:22
A12Points 120:22
A13Points 130:24
A14Points 140:24
Fields Of Vision
B1Fields 12:19
B2Fields 20:25
B3Fields 30:24
B4Fields 41:54
B5Fields 50:22
B6Fields 63:09
B7Fields 72:02
B8Fields 82:28
B9Fields 92:38
B10Fields 101:57
  • Composed By- Gerhard Trede