The Dave Pike Set
Noisy Silence — Gentle Noise

MPS Records ‎– MPS 15215 STEREO


Dope Indian vibe dance classic with Volker Kriegel on sitar.

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The Dave Pike Set: „Noisy Silence — Gentle Noise“

Dave Pike (Vibraphon, Tamburin); Volker Kriegel (Gitarre, Sitar); Hans Rettenbacher (Kontrabaß); Peter Baumeister (Schlagzeug).
MPS 15 215

PREIS: 19,- Mark

DER SPIEGEL 40/1969 (30.09.1969)

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Regards From Freddie Horowitz

Noisy Silence — Gentle Noise … The American vibraphonist Dave Pike’s debut album on the legendary MPS (Musik Produktion Schwarzwald) label after moving to Germany. The LP is mostly known for the incomparable brilliant sitar tune MATHAR, but it’s continuous great and contains many other good psychedelic Soul-Jazz tunes like I’M ON MY WAY or the grooviest tune written for a mascot: REGARDS FROM FREDDIE HOROWITZ. Volker Kriegel, who has composed the most tunes for the band, has dedicated this one to “Freddie Horowitz” a little green monkey which was dangled in the red Citroën 2CV ‎– Deux Chevaux, the car with that the four musicians was traveling to their live concerts.

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Walking’ Down The Highway In A Red Raw Egg

From some other, bigger SABA/MPS formations like ORCHESTRA AMBROS SEELOS for example, we know that they traveled in band-branded vans to their concerts. But as I read (DER SPIEGEL 40/1969) that four jazz musicians with all their instruments and stage stuff had to travel by a Citroën 2CV ‎– Deux Chevaux I must smile. The red 2CV of The Dave Pike Set, that they called lovingly their „Red Raw Egg“, has get also a tune on the album which is called WALKIN’ DOWN THE HIGHWAY IN A RED RAW EGG. If you ever have the chance to drive this stylish French classic, Citroën 2CV a.k.a. Ugly Duckling this song would be perfect in the playlist of the soundtrack for your groggy ride.


A1 I’m On My Way 4’37
A2 Regards From Freddie Horowitz 4’40
A3 Somewhat, Somewhere, Somehow 4’40
A4 Noisy Silence – Gentle Noise 5’38

B1 Mother People 4’21
B2 Mathar 3’36
B3 Vian-De 3’21
B4 Teaming Up 3’45
B5 Walking’ Down The Highway In A Red Raw Egg 3’28

The Dave Pike Set

Dave Pike  –  vibes, tambourin
Volker Kriegel  –  guitar (amplif and unamplif.), sitar
Hans Rettenbacher  –  bass
Peter Baumeister  –  drums


Recording Director: Willi Fruth
Recording Engineer: Rolf Donner

Recorded at MPS-Tonstudio Villingen/Black Forest, Jan. 21, 1969

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The Dave Pike Set
Noisy Silence — Gentle Noise

MPS Records ‎– MPS 15215 STEREO