Zambo Zebaoth – ZAMBO (1983)


LYRA – LYRA 5004, GERMANY, 1983

Super clean, very carefully used. Just a couple of very light signs of use and a couple of minimal surface marks. Plays great, Dj-Friendly, amazing shape for a vintage children’s record! The cover looks nice, a little yellowed. The cover picture is a generic one and has nothing to do with the actual offer.


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Zambo Zebaoth


Ultra rare privatly released children’s Hörspiel recorded in Wiesbaden. Special and simply endearing because made with a lot of heart, little budget and seemingly free of the pressure to serve a mass market. Super weird radio drama about water shortage in Africa written by Rosemarie Hagel. The story shows that it’s important to get involved with your friends but also for the environment. A totally strange production, many of the African animals speaking with rough Rheinhessischer-dialect.

Zambo Zebaoth, ein musikalisches Hörspiel

For a production aimed at children, it is surprisingly filled with very sophisticated music. Short pieces of experimental and very catchy electronic music and synthesizer sounds. Jürgen Moser and Jürgen Grossardt are the names behind it. The latter is still a musician and music teacher and was responsible for the title theme, which earned him the stage name Jürgen “Zambo” Grossardt. Even if it is for the less critical ears of small children, there is a massive difference in quality between the spoken word performance and the beautiful snippets of music. Rambo Zambo!


A1Zambo Zebaoth - Ein Musikalisches Hörspiel - Teil 1
B1Zambo Zebaoth - Ein Musikalisches Hörspiel - Teil 2
  • Speech- Henni Kleinhage
  • Speech- Jürgen Moser
  • Speech- Romi Hagel
  • Speech- Wolfgang Kleinhage
  • Speech, Design- Jürgen Grossardt
  • Written By- Rosemarie Hagel