Mary Roos ‎– Woraus meine Lieder sind (1972)


CBS – S 64 895, NETHERLANDS, 1972

Vinyl is MADE IN HOLLAND. Comes in a used shape. With optical signs of use and age but EXCELLENT sound! The gatefold cover looks great, shows the big GRAND PRIX sticker. The cover picture is a generic one, has nothing to do with the actual offer.

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Mary Roos
Woraus meine Lieder sind

CBS ‎– S 61 628

Morgens um Fünf

The super lovely vocal tune MORGENS UM FÜNF (Five O’Clock In The Morning) is my long time favorite on this album by the outstanding female German schlager singer Mary Roos. Soulful Bossa, just the perfect catchy last tune to find a chilled end of a long, successful club night at five o’clock in the morning. Amazing German version of AMOUR TOUJOURS originally sung in French.

Während ihr lacht

WÄHREND IHR LACHT is another catchy tune on this album that has partly some light Brazilian Bossa Nova influences. Music is also written by Georges Costa and it was also originally sung in French language and released under the title N’OUBLIE PAS LOSQUE TU CHANTES.

Club Sonderauflage

From this album existing three different versions. All released 1972. All with this nice RECORD HEAD cover artwork. The German and Netherlands CBS releases come in a nice gatefold cover with another nice picture and all the song lyrics inside. And then is there a German CBS “Club Sonderauflage” which comes in a simple, regular album cover. But all of them shows sometimes the GRAND PRIX EUROVISION ’72 sticker because Mary Roos was with NUR DIE LIEBE LÄSST UNS LEBEN on the third position in this competition. That’s the reason why this album pops up so often with slightly different or with stickers customized cover artworks.

A1Woraus Meine Lieder Sind4:40
A2Morgens Um Fünf2:37
A3Ich Bin So Reich2:34
A4Hübsche Welt3:02
A5Lied Des Regens2:40
A6Während Ihr Lacht4:32
B1Nur Die Liebe Läßt Uns Leben3:28
B2Ich Bin Am Ziel2:39
B3Ein Teil Von Dir4:20
B4Regen Fällt In Mein Herz2:32
B5Ich Hab' Ihn Wieder3:05
B6Nocturno (Nachtlied)3:20
  • Photography By- Helmut Reiss
  • Producer- Hermann R. Zentgraf
  • Producer- Miriam Frances
  • Producer- Roland Schneider
  • Vocals- Mary Roos