Daliah Lavi – Daliah Lavi (1971)


POLYDOR – 2310 095, GERMANY, 1971

Top shelf copy! The vinyl is in superb shape. Shiny, super clean, carefully and seldom used. Ultra strong EXCELLENT almost NM condition! The cover shows some wear and it’s a little bumpy (weaved). Some storage ream and little more wear and signs of age on the backside. Please see the picture I made for you.

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Daliah Lavi
Daliah Lavi

Polydor – 2310 095

Self-titled album by Israeli actress, singer, and model Daliah Lavi, real name דליה לביא‎‎ (Daliah Levenbuch or Lewinbuk) who had a successful career as a schlager singer in Germany. Contains FIEBER, an excellent version of FEVER sung in German. Just the perfect, catchy sound to end a long and successful club night and give the people a last catchy tune for the way home. Not a rare piece of vinyl, but extremely hard to find in good condition because her records were always in heavy rotation.

A1Wer Hat Mein Lied So Zerstört, Ma? = What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?4:28
A2Tausend Dinge = For All This2:27
A4Ein Schiff Wird Kommen = Never On Sunday3:31
A5Leben Ist Nur Ein Spiel = A Chacun Son Tour2:42
A6Sympathie = Sympathy2:32
B1Johnny Guitar2:38
B3Liebe = Love Is My Way2:14
B4Wie Die Schwalben = Snowbird3:04
B5Manchmal = Something3:14
B6Fieber = Fever2:54
  • Arranged By- Bernard Ebbinghouse
  • Orchestra- Norrie Paramor And His Orchestra
  • Producer- Jimmy Bowien
  • Producer- Norrie Paramor