Quadrophonie Starparade 73 (1972)


COLUMBIA – 1 C 048-30 043 Q, GERMANY, 1972

Excellent, pre-loved vintage vinyl in perfect shape! Clean, very carefully used, strong EXCELLENT condition. Listen via my YouTube below. The gatefold cover comes also in nice shape and it contains the insert (see picture).

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Quadrophonie Starparade 73

Columbia – 1 C 048-30 043 Q

Weird German 70s compilation for the demonstration of quadraphonic sound experiences. Some great and also very bad music together on an amazing-sounding piece of vinyl. There are also easy tunes from the well known The Berry Lipman Orchestra. But the best is that it contains tunes by Charly Antolini’s Power Dozen. It’s a mix of YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION and the fast Latin track UELA UELA written and arranged by Eric Thöner. Both are taken from the ultra-rare and always high-priced ATOMIC DRUMS album. A good chance to grab those two essential German Funk tunes with dope Breakbeats for a small budget.

Seite 1
A1Heino Blau Blüht Der Enzian4:02
A2Hugo Strasser Stranger On The Shore2:51
A3Christian Anders 6 Uhr Früh In Den Straßen3:46
A4Adamo Kavalier Ohne Schuhe3:53
A5Helmut Zacharias Mein Herz Ist Eine Violine2:20
A6Anneliese Rothenberger Klänge Der Heimat4:13
Seite 220:40
B1aBerry Lipman & His Orchestra Just A Gigolo
B1bBerry Lipman & His Orchestra Roses Of Piccardy
B1cBerry Lipman & His Orchestra The More I See You
B2aPaul Kuhn Walk Right In
B2bPaul Kuhn Rose Garden
B2cPaul Kuhn Mademoiselle Ninette
B3aChor Harry Martin Orchester Harry Martin Ich Komm Zurück Nach Amarillo
B3bChor Harry Martin Orchester Harry Martin Sacramento
B3cChor Harry Martin Orchester Harry Martin Und Ich Fand Eine Hand
B4aLadi Geisler Song Sung Blue
B4bLadi Geisler Hello-A
B4cLadi Geisler Michaela
B5aCharly Antolini's Power Dozen You Are My Inspiration
B5bCharly Antolini's Power Dozen Uela Uela