ENERGIE – Die letzte Welle! (1982)


ENERGIE – 650.000, GERMANY, 1982

Clean. Shiny. Glossy, perfect sounding! It doesn’t get any better than this. Will satisfy even the pickiest of collectors. Just the cover shows some minor storage wear and signs of age. Contain the insert and some DIN A4 info sheets. The cover picture is a generic one, has nothing to do with the actual offer.

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Die letzte Welle!

Energie – 650.000

Rare compilation, released on the German independent label ENERGIE. Contains some delicious New Wave and Synth-Pop treasures far away from the commercial German NDW circus.


A1Brillo 66 Ausfall
A2Chris Braun Band Chic & Elegant
A3Die B1 Lebenszeichen
A4Zeppo Komm Doch
A5Fieber Besoffen Bin Ich Von Dir
B1Deo Let's Go West
B2Neue Jugend Anonym
B3Düne 13 Froh So
B4Flip Exotisch
B5Ein Jahr Garantie Wellaform