Band 153 ‎– Leben Verboten (1985)


PILA MUSIC – 20.129, GERMANY, 1985

Perfect, shiny, and clean vintage vinyl. Rarely or maybe never played. The cover looks great too, just some light edge wear and other light signs of age. The cover image is a generic image, and has nothing to do with the actual offering.

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BAND 153 ‎
Leben Verboten

Pila Music ‎– 20.129

The band Gruppe 153 was formed out of the work of the evangelical youth work Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany. Founded in 1968 and until the 1990s they were well known in the German Christian music scene. Gruppe 153 released a couple of records, played concerts all over Germany and they were also on a mission in the former DDR (German Democratic Republic) for the Xian Music followers behind the iron curtain. The group name BAND 153 ‎or also often GRUPPE 153 is based upon a John’s Gospel text part of the bible (Johannes – Kapitel 21,6 – Vers 11) where is mentioned the number 153 more precisely is there written about the miraculous catch of 153 fish.

Johannes – Kapitel 21,6 – Vers 11
Jesus sagte zu ihnen: “Werft das Netzt an der rechten Seite des Bootes aus, so werdet ihr etwas finden”. Da warfen sie es aus und konnten’s nicht mehr herausziehen vor lauter Fischen. Simon Petrus stieg in das Boot und zog das Netz auf das Land; darin waren hundertdreiundfünfzig grosse Fische. Und obwohl es so viele waren, zerriß das Netz nicht.


Besides songs that treat religious themes, BAND 153 made music with messages about social criticism. So also on the tune VIDEO which is about wasting time, getting blunted, and losing friends while watching movies on Video Home System. Balearic grooving kind of Media-Criticism-Disco with a groovy bassline and some mad sound effects.

ank-leben verboten

Released was this alum on the German record label Pila Music, established in 1978 and focussed on contemporary Christian music. Recording and mixing happened at the Biton Studio in Frankfurt/Main. A place where also other great local music productions happened. Some of the other names are Peter Giger and his Family of Percussion, Volker Kriegel, Albert Mangelsdorff, or the Afro Funk group IKWEZI for example.

A3Das Gleichniss Vom Verlorenen ...4:38
A4Nicht Allein3:30
A5Eure Kinder3:16
B1Schwerter Zu Pflugscharen3:34
B2Graue Stadt5:51
B4Ohne Gott5:09
B5Komm Mit4:13
  • Arranged By- Band 153
  • Bass, Vocals- Martin Schultheiß
  • Cover, Photography By- Bruno Kruljac
  • Cover, Photography By- Dorian Schwab
  • Engineer- Jochen Wenke
  • Guitar, Vocals- Andreas Völp
  • Keyboards- Martin Blumrich
  • Lighting- Wolfgang Tews
  • Producer, Mixed By- Dorian Schwab
  • Producer, Mixed By- Johannes Nitsch
  • Technician- Dorian Schwab
  • Vocals, Drums- Claus-Peter Sniehotta