Münchner Studioorchester TWILIGHTS OF BALI – Sound-Star-Ton ‎– SST 0141 Germany 1979

Münchener Studioorchester ‎– Twilights Of Bali


Münchener Studioorchester

Sound-Star-Ton ‎– SST 0141

Obviously an obscure record. The idea goes in the same direction as the Folklore-Serie from the Selected Sound Library Music label. Some talented white European Jazz dudes reinterpret music from exotic countries where they probably never have been. In this case traditional Indonesian Folk from Bali. Pacific World Jazz with a admixture of solid European Funk. Written by Library Music composer Heribert Thusek, Freddie Brocksieper, Hans Van Der Sys and Milan Pilar, bass player and composer, native of Czech Republic which has also performed in formations like Charly Antolini’s Power Dozen, Catch Up or Niagara.

Holy grail of Kraut Exotica

Released is this Exotica gem on the small Sound-Star-Ton label from Southern Germany. The label Sound Voyage shares that only 200 LP´s were ever pressed and it’s called a Holy grail of Kraut Exotica.

That the edition was very small makes absolutely sense when you see that there has somebody made a name correction (Freddie Brocksieper) manually. Paste over a xeroxed piece of paper on all of the record covers. Much work for 200 copies is but it’s possible … for much more, I don’t think so.

Exotic, headstrong and obscure is also the cover artwork by itself. The design was made by Weckner Fotosatz GmbH from Göttingen and it looks really not like state-of-the-art 1979. This cheesy flowered cartoon lettering and also this duotone printed black and white photography let it look like an much much older record from decades before. Maybe was for this niche product no budget left for edgy graphic design and so they decided to use a economical design recycling of something that had worked well in the early sixties. How knows?


Nice Price
3,- Deutsche Mark

On the original 3,- Deutsche Mark price sticker let us reconstruct that it was more a shopkeeper. Inflation when you compare this with todays offers when it rarely pops up anywhere for sale.

This Sound Voyage vinyl reissue, available at bandcamp.com, is also an option to get the this Indonesia Island feeling on you turntable at home. Although not the original holy grail of Kraut Exotica but surly an good option to enjoy this unique Balinese-European-Jazz-Funk sounds and safe a lot of money. For example to build up the budget for a trip to Bali.


A1 Kumbali
A2 Mari Bersampan
A3 Terang Bulan
A4 Twilight In Besaici
A5 Ajam Sabungan
A6 Geng-Gong
A7 Bedaja
A8 Salamat Malan

B1 Bagsawan
B2 Salut To Bali
B3 Gunung Batu
B4 Swinging Bali
B5 Berbahas-Bahas
B6 Legong
B7 Suling
B8 Hatikuben Rindu


Conductor – Hans Lang
Recording Supervisor – F. Lupini, Pit van Bergen
Technician – F. M. Worbs

Ⓟ Sound-Star-Ton

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Münchner Studioorchester

Sound-Star-Ton ‎– SST 0141