Henschel Trocken Henschel Trocken – K18 ‎– K18-01 Germany 1984

henschel trocken – K18 ‎


Henschel Trocken
Henschel Trocken

K18 ‎– K18-01

Free Jazz, Avantgarde Improvisationsmusik, Experimental Jazz … there is no drawer that really fits for this very own, unique K18-sound from Kassel.

The group and album name HENSCHEL TROCKEN is a ironically word combination of Henkell Trocken and Henschel. Both bigger German brands or major employer in Hessen, Germany that days. The connection to Henschel-Werke is comprehensible. The recording was made at K18, an old brick building, former Henschel & Sohn factory building, close to and later a part of the GhK, University of Kassel campus.

From July until September 1983 they recorded there and the spontaneous impulse had a central meaning while this recording session. There is one tune called CON GAZ and it’s straight percussion. You can here and feel the space of the 2500 square meter old K18 factory hall.

B3 Con Gaz



A1 warm up (4:16)
A2 funken-tanz/schauer (5:32)
A3 express/fliegende elefanten (6:06)
A4 aus der ruhe (3:03)

B1 warnung/sahel (7:20)
B2 der brave bulle coda bora/minimalwasser (3:42)
B3 con gaz (2:29)
B4 von ja/bis je (3:20)
B5 sechs zigaretten gehen durch manhattan (3:13)
B6 007 (0:07)

Henschel Trocken

Irina Rosentreter (vocals, tenor saxophone)
Michael Evers (guitar, congas, bongos)
Lutz Doppelstein (bass, soprano saxophone, drums)
Andreas Z. Köhler (bass), Edgar Lieser (drums)
Wolfgang Hanstein (drums)
Heinz-Jürgen Köhler (keyboards, electronics)
Dieter Neubert (congas)
Jürgen Steger (congas)
Bernd Feglerski (congas)

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henschel trocken
henschel trocken

K18 ‎– K18-01