Fabrizio De Andre’ ‎– Creuza De Mä


Fabrizio De Andre’ ‎
Creuza De Mä

Ricordi ‎– SMRL 6308

Finest Italian World-Pop. Genoa sound by Fabrizio De André. The songs on CREUZA DE MÄ are entirely sung in the Ligurian language, more specifically in the dialect of Genoa and the lyrics are also about the City and her history. Singer-songwriter style combined with electronic eighties sounds and spiced up with different mediterran musical influences like South-Italian mandolin, Greek bouzouki and Arabian oud.


A1 Crêuza de mä (“Muletrack by the sea”) – 6:16
A2 Jamin-a (“Jamina”, an Arabic female name) – 4:52
A3 Sidún (i.e. Sidon, in Lebanon) – 6:25

B1 Sinàn Capudàn Pascià (“Sinàn Captain Pasha”) – 5:32
B2 Â pittima (“The flea”, a derogatory nickname for a tax revenue officer) – 3:43
B3 Â duménega (“On Sunday”) – 3:40
B4 D’ä mê riva (“From my shore”) – 3:04


Fabrizio De André – “Octave guitar” in “D’ä mê riva” and vocals
Mario Arcari – Shehnai in “Jamin-a”
Aldo Banfi – Synclavier
François Bedel – Goblet drum and percussion instruments
Francis Biggi – Consultancy on medieval and ethnic instruments
Walter Calloni – Drum kit
Dino D’Autorio – Bass guitar in “Sinàn Capudàn Pascià”
Edo Martin – Synthesizer
Franco Mussida – Classical guitar and electric mandolin
Mauro Pagani – Oud, bağlama, bouzouki, mandolas, mandolins, plucked violin [also named ndelele in the liner notes], viola, synthesizer and vocals
Maurizio Preti – Percussion
Massimo Spinosa – Bass guitar, audio editing
Domna Samiou – Introduction to “Crêuza de mä” from Aria per gaida sola [i.e. “Aria for solo gaida”, a folk tune sampled from Samiou’s 1976 album Il flauto greco (“The Greek flute”)].

Written and produced by Fabrizio De André, Mauro Pagani

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Fabrizio De Andre’ ‎
Creuza De Mä

Ricordi ‎– SMRL 6308