Greetje Kauffeld ‎
And Let The Music Play

Polydor ‎– 2480 228


Lovely Brazilian music recorded at Rhenus-Studio Cologne, Germany by some really great Jazz musicians around the wonderful Dutch jazz singer Greetje Kauffeld. Amazing Musician Line-Up. On TRISTEZA for example are Ack Van Rooyen on Flugelhorn, Herb Geller on Flute and the Percussion is played by the legendary Louis “Sabu” Martinez originally from New York.

The hole album is a pleasure. Cosy Jazz and Bossa Nova on a very high level. Delicious and very relaxed Big Band music with this outstanding vocal performance on top. All this comes nice packed with a cover artwork that is fitting great to the music. Also very catchy and made with an assured sense of style. A simply dark brown background color with a slip-proof centered type composition of two classic fonts from the 1920s/30s. Album title lettering is in a tight as possible composing of Goudy Heavyface Condensed and the artist and conductors are written in a red Beton SH Medium typeface. Integrated design concept because the tracklist and liner notes on the backside are also centered written.



“When Joop De Roo told me about this album I knew the ability of musicians, arrangers, vocalist and producer would guarantee a technically perfect product of good taste. Listening to the tapes, then, I was caught by the human emotions conveyed through some of the musical highlights. Probably this could happen because Greetje Kauffeld, Rob Pronk and Jerry Van Rooyen share a history of leaving their home country in search for opportunities to grow. What is more, they learned the hard way what it means: “By myself”! (What a beautiful version!). I therefore sincerely congratulate this trio with the results of their joint efforts. More in particular Greetje.

To me this album is a milestone in a career wich she fought entirely on her own. In 1960 she had the guts to abandon a regular job with the Dutch radio orchestra “The Skymasters”, and to exchange easy, well-protected home life for the hazards of a young female newcomer in the tough world of German showbusiness. Why? Because she wanted to become an artist rather than a “lady crooner”. At that time evil tongues in Holland said that she was selling herself to commerciality, and artistically no good.
But she proved the contrary when successfully meeting the challenge of co-appearing with the great jazz-singer Abbey Lincoln with my band at the 1966 Holland Festival.

The present album brings back good souvenirs of the cooperative atmosphere in which we prepared the arrangements for that event. But what is more important is the fact that she has grown far beyond her 1966 level. Greetje, keep going. (By the way, I can imagine some hundreds of girl-singers, and perhaps even your husband, becoming jealous when listening to your and Rick’s hot version of “Montreal”).”

Original Liner Notes


Greetje Kauffeld
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A1 This Is All I Ask (3:00)
A2 Day By Day (2:23)
A3 Cabaret (4:12)
A4 By Myself (3:00)
A5 Tristeza (2:25)

B1 The Greatest Performance (2:33)
B2 A Time For Love (2:00)
B3 Morenal (3:39)
B4 Mr. Bojangles (4:05)
B5 You And I (3:16)

Musician Line-Up

Greetje Kauffeld – Vocals
Ack Van Rooyen – Flugelhorn
Herb Geller – Sax & Flute [Piccolo & Bass]
Sabu Martinez – Percussion
Ferdinand Povel – Saxophone [Tenor]
Rick Kiefer – Trumpet
Jiggs Whigham – Trombone
Rob Franken – Organ
Rudi Bosch – Trombone
Tony Inzalaco – Drums
Eddie Engels – Trumpet
Erik van Lier – Trombone
Piet Noordijk – Saxophone [Alto]
Frans Elsen – Piano
Palle Mikkelborg – Trumpet
Ake Persson – Trombone
Wilton Gayer – Saxophone
Herman Schoonderwalt – Saxophone
Wim Overgaauw – Guitar
Rob Langereis – Bass
Claudio Szenkar – Percussion

Arranged by Jerry Van Rooyen & Rob Pronk
Greetje Kauffeld – A Time For Love

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Greetje Kauffeld ‎
And Let The Music Play

Polydor ‎– 2480 228