Nina Hagen Band – Nina Hagen Band


Nina Hagen Band
Nina Hagen Band
CBS ‎– 83136

Auf’m Bahnhof Zoo

Funky punky 108 BPM Disco-Pogo with great vocals by the “Godmother of Punk” Nina Hagen singing about a lesbian encounter on a ladies’ toilet.

Nina Hagen Band

Nice Price

NINA HAGEN BAND was the first band of the East Berlin singer Nina Hagen shortly after she emigrated to West Germany. This first album was very successfully and many people say it marked the kick-off for New Wave, or better say „Neue Deutsche Welle“, in Germany. Very diverse, it combines several influences like Krautrock, Punk, Opera, Glam, Hard Rock, Disco and at times even the foretaste of Gothic. The album opens with the very popular tune TV GLOTZER „Ich glotz TV“ which is cover version of WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE from The Tubes sung with German lyrics about watching television (the in East Germany forbidden television from West Germany).

Nina Hagen Band

With more than 250.000 sold units this album was decorated with the golden record and there are also more than 25 different CBS releases available (different versions, countries, editions). Nice price, more than ever. You can get this stunning Post Punk album really easy for a nice price today because every well sorted second hand record store or flea market should have more than one copy placed at the disposal. To find a copy in really great shape is the bigger challenge, because this album was surely ever in heavy rotation.

Responsible for the cover design was Friedhelm Meinaß. The frontside shows a Nina Hagen RECORD-HEAD portrait, a later colorized black and white photography taken by Jim Rakete. On the backside of the cover you can see the other band members and behind them a poster with this photographic image of Nina Hagen on the wall. Clear picture language, because there are many stories about the trouble that the musicians and Nina Hagen had. After their tour was there so much quarrellings that the second album was named UNBEHAGEN (discomfort). Musicians and singer was not longer able to be in the same room so that the second, at once last, album had to recorded in different sessions to avoid the clash. First had the band recorded the music and later complemented Nina Hagen her singing.

Nina Hagen Band


A1 TV-Glotzer (White Punks On Dope) (5:15)
A2 Rangehn (3:27)
A3 Unbeschreiblich weiblich (3:30)
A4 Auf’m Bahnhof Zoo (5:25)
A5 Naturträne (4:05)

B1 Superboy (4:01)
B2 Heiß (4:11)
B3 Fisch im Wasser (0:51)
B4 Auf’m Friedhof (6:15)
B5 Der Spinner (3:15)
B6 Pank (1:45)


Arranged produced by Nina Hagen Band

Lead Vocals: Nina Hagen
Bass, Vocals: Manne Praeker
Keyboards: Reinhold Heil
Drums, Vibraphone [Ziepraphon]: Herwig Mitteregger
Guitar, Vocals: Bernhard Potschka

Producer, Engineer: Tom Müller
Engineer [Assistant], Co-producer: Ralph Nowy
Technician: Michael Zimmerling
Design [Cover Artwork]: Friedhelm Meinass
Photography: Jim Rakete

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Nina Hagen Band
Nina Hagen Band
CBS ‎– 83136