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Charly Antolini ‎– Finale

Charly Antolini Finale – Jeton ‎– 100.3333 Germany 1983 Last-Cut Written by Charly Antolini Right, LAST-CUT is really the last tune on the album and this repetitive bass line played by “Wolfhound” Wolfgang Schmid is grooving as hell. For me the towering slice on this […]

Günther Fischer-Quintett ‎– Kombination

Günther Fischer-Quintett Kombination – AMIGA ‎– 8 55 598 German Democratic Republic (DDR) 1978 Kombination As the most tunes of this essential AMIGA JAZZ album is also KOMBINATION very experimental, with free parts and style switches. It’s 12:03 minute long and so it takes also […]

Nighttrain ‎– Golden Oldies

Nighttrain ‎ Golden Oldies – Metronome ‎– 0040.057 Germany 1979 Kesse Politesse Cheesy German parody Schlager music. KESSE POLITESSE starts with a drum-break and at 1:57 it comes again together with this slippery male „A-HAHA“ chorus. Very catchy in a awkward way. But that was […]

Pavel Novák ‎– Pavel Novák

Pavel Novák Pavel Novák – AMIGA ‎– 8 55 425 German Democratic Republic (DDR) 1975 Trochu Smutná Paradá Sounds a little bit overloaded for my taste but it’s definitely the dope and funky kind of (East) German Schlager music. Sung in his first language by […]

Fuchs-Goos-Band ‎– Chameleon 2

Fuchs-Goos-Band ‎ Chameleon 2 – Software Music ‎– sowa 105 Germany 1981 Jazz-Zyklus 1 Another superb and seldom seen Jazz record on the lovely, local and familiar working SOFTWARE label. German drummer Joachim Fuchs-Charrier and Jazz guitarist Werner Goos are the headliners of this formation. […]