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Agua Project ‎– Dieci Anni Di Silenzi 1989

Agua Project ‎– Dieci Anni Di Silenzi

Agua Project Dieci Anni Di Silenzi – Lakota Music ‎– LAK Z 299 Italy 1989 A1 Uomo Vero Sound sample of the actual offered copy. With little scratches, plays with some light noises. Late 80s feel good sounds made in Bologna, Italy. Positive vibes in […]

Hallimasch – Canta

Hallimasch Canta – F 667.399 Germany 1981 Self released and sadly the only record by Hallimasch, a German Afro-Latin-Folk-Jazz band from Düsseldorf. Formed 1976 out of an Folk group from music teacher Hans Engstfeld (brother of Wolfgang Engstfeld) and named after the delicious, but raw toxic, […]

Mikesch van Grümmer ‎– Barlach Zyklus

Mikesch van Grümmer ‎– Barlach Zyklus

Mikesch van Grümmer ‎ Barlach Zyklus – Timeless Records ‎– SJP 299 Netherlands 1988 Barlach Zyklus, Dutch-only 9-track debut album by the German pianist and composer Mikesch van Grümmer. During the 1970s he delivers important impulses for the regional music-scene from Aachen, Germany and he […]

Embryo ‎– Apo Calypso

Embryo Apo Calypso – April ‎– APRIL-RECORDS 000010 Germany 1977 Knast-Funk Very interesting Krautrock album, released  on April Records, full of musical diversity. My personal highlight is a funny, funky tune called KNAST-FUNK with groovy organ grinds. Tracklist A1 Break Into Pieces (4:42) A2 Endless […]

Kapingbdi ‎– Don’t Escape

Kapingbdi Don’t Escape ‎– Trikont ‎– US-0081, Trikont ‎– US-81 Germany 1981 AFRICAN MUSIK FROM LIBERIA Another African record that was released in Germany. This time with amazing music from Liberia. Good vibes between Spiritual Jazz, Afro Funk and some Soul. This third album by […]

Klaus Doldinger ‎– The Point

Klaus Doldinger The Point – WEA Musik GmbH ‎– 58 172 Germany 1983 Düsseldorfer Messen present: Klaus Doldinger THE POINT Original Soundtrack from the film THE POINT, directed by Ingo Loesch. Highly interesting repetitive electronic synthesizer Jazz and Ambient music with some dope beats by […]

Dave Pike Set ‎– Four Reasons

Dave Pike Set Four Reasons – MPS Records CRM 715 ‎– MPS 15253 Germany 1969 Four Reasons / Sitting On My Knees Sound sample of the actual offered copy in VG/VG condition. Another essential MPS album by the Dave Pike Set. Contains many good psychedelic […]

Mr. Circle ‎– Thi Nam

Mr. Circle Thi Nam – Stockfisch Records ‎– SF 8008 Germany 1981 Thi Nam Good vibes, Brazilian affected, Feel Good Music with the great and catchy voice of Monika Linges. But the hole album is really amazing. So much, so great music. Incredible musician line […]

Engstfeld, Plümer, Weiss ‎– Drivin’

Engstfeld, Plümer, Weiss Drivin’ – NABEL ‎– NBL 8518 Germany 1985 Hills HILLS written by Wolfgang Engstfeld shows the huge variety of Bass player Gunnar Plümer and also the great teamwork of this Jazz trio. Drivin’ Relaxed Jazz album, the quality kind of lazy afternoon […]

Jazz, Rock – Nachwuchswettbewerb Pop ’79

Various ‎ Jazz, Rock – Nachwuchswettbewerb Pop ’79 – Philips ‎– 6449 011 Germany 1980 FREE (Seawind) ANNE HAIGIS Interesting NACHWUCHSWETTBEWERB ’79 compilation by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie. Contains some exclusive and nowhere else released debut recordings by Martin Müller, Ex Ovo Pro, Matter Of Taste, Rozz […]

Jazz, Rock – Nachwuchs Festival Pop ’80

Various ‎ Jazz, Rock – Nachwuchs Festival Pop ’80 – CBS ‎– CBS 84 846 Germany 1981 A2 Mainpoint – Frisbee Written by Norbert Braun Another one of those various artist compilations by Deutsche Phono-Akademie. A mixed lucky bag of debuts from JAZZ & ROCK […]

Charly Antolini ‎– Finale

Charly Antolini Finale – Jeton ‎– 100.3333 Germany 1983 Last-Cut Written by Charly Antolini Right, LAST-CUT is really the last tune on the album and this repetitive bass line played by “Wolfhound” Wolfgang Schmid is grooving as hell. For me the towering slice on this […]

Greetje Kauffeld ‎– And Let The Music Play

Greetje Kauffeld ‎ And Let The Music Play – Polydor ‎– 2480 228 Germany 1974 Tristeza Lovely Brazilian music recorded at Rhenus-Studio Cologne, Germany by some really great Jazz musicians around the wonderful Dutch jazz singer Greetje Kauffeld. Amazing Musician Line-Up. On TRISTEZA for example […]


Real Ax Band NICHT STEHENBLEIBEN/ MOVE YOUR ASS IN TIME – April Records ‎– april II/0009 Germany 1977 Samba Mortale Fast German Krautrock-Samba, carried through the fascinating vocals by Maria Archer. Also my long time favorite on this album full of fantastic grooves, interesting instrumentation […]

Novi Quartet ‎– Novi In Wonderland

Novi Quartet Novi In Wonderland – MPS/BASF Records ‎– CRM 663 Germany The Second Side Sounds confusing but the album starts really at side one with a tune that’s called THE SECOND SIDE. The Novi Singers are backed by excellent Jazz musicians, blending together perfectly […]

El Calefón ‎– Salir Del Agujero

El Calefón Salir Del Agujero – La Ducha Records ‎– OGT 13 Switzerland Quando Lembro The wonderful Brazil tune QUANDO LEMBRO is surely one of the bright highlights on this versatilely Swiss vinyl kickshaw. Modern Latin Music – no Room in the Stew-pot The group […]

Florian Poser’s Lifeline ‎– Linie 2

Florian Poser’s Lifeline Linie 2 ‎– Pläne Verlag ‎– 88280 Germany 1981 Come Down To Brazilia Another groovy BRAZILIAN EXPERIENCE by Florian Poser’s Lifeline.     HHV Schnellbahn-Linienplan   U2 (Niendorf Nord – Mümmelmannsberg) LINIE 2 was already the second album by LIFELINE, the […]

Max Greger Jr. – Thursday Night

Max Greger Junior Thursday Night – Happy Records ‎– HR 2224 Germany 1980 Dancing Nice and easy Jazz Library album by German jazz pianist, composer and arranger Max Greger Junior, son of Max Greger (famous German jazz musician, saxophonist, band leader and conductor). Contains the […]

Orchester Fred Rabold – Tanzparty mit Orchester Fred Rabold

Orchester Fred Rabold ‎ Tanzparty mit Orchester Fred Rabold – Fred Rabold Musikproduktion FR 300 Germany Intercity Another Big Band joint by Orchester Fred Rabold. INTERCITY named probably in according to the top-offer long-distance passenger train InterCity launched 1971 by Deutsche Bahn. Very dope and […]

Ralph Marco Band ‎– Mister Marco’s Music

Ralph Marco Band Mister Marco’s Music – Happy Records – ‎HR 2206 Germany 1974 High Snobiety Soul Beat, Happy Beat, Bossa Beat, Heavy Beat, Shuffle Beat, Rock Beat … many tunes on this Germany Library curiosity are promised as a kind of Beat. My favorite […]

The Mladen Franko Group ‎– Piano On The Road

The Mladen Franko Group Piano On The Road – Intersound ‎– ISST 181 Germany 1989 Samba For U SAMBA FOR U, written by Ulrich Wenzel, is a funny grooving piano tune supplemented with froggy synths and some plastic beats. Recorded at MLADEN FRANKO STUDIO and […]

Rock von der Lahn – No.2

Rock von der Lahn – No.2 Various Artists – Al Capone Records Germany 1984 Samba SAMBA [5.15 min] by Ouga is an awesome track. A Bossa sledge with storming catchy female vocals, sung in Spanish if I got that right. Wonderful Brazilian music made in […]

Awake ‎– First Born

Awake ‎ First Born – Smash Original Cast ‎– SM 902 Italy 1973 Ivory Fast, lively and positive grooving synthesizer sounds. A quirky kind Jazz. First Born Squirrelly album by the Italian composer, conductor, producer and keyboardist Oronzo De Filippi released under his pseudonym AWAKE […]

The Dave Pike Set – Noisy Silence — Gentle Noise

The Dave Pike Set Noisy Silence — Gentle Noise – MPS Records ‎– MPS 15215 STEREO Germany 1969 Mathar Dope Indian vibe dance classic with Volker Kriegel on sitar. The Dave Pike Set: „Noisy Silence — Gentle Noise“ Dave Pike (Vibraphon, Tamburin); Volker Kriegel (Gitarre, […]

Monika Linges Quartet ‎– Songing

Monika Linges Quartet ‎ Songing – NABEL ‎– NBL 8415 Germany 1984 Samba De Coração Lovely Brazilian music recorded in Cologne by the Jazz Quartett of the wonderful female singer Monika Linges from Aachen, Germany. Released on the very likable NABEL (belly button) record label. […]

Sinto ‎– Sonho Negro

Sinto ‎ Sonho Negro – AMAYANA ‎– A 4506 Germany 1978 Feeling Right At the time I discovered this nicely made album by the formation around the German violinist, jazz musician and composer Hannes Beckmann I enjoyed and played often, but not ever understood by […]

Günther Fischer-Quintett ‎– Kombination

Günther Fischer-Quintett Kombination – AMIGA ‎– 8 55 598 German Democratic Republic (DDR) 1978 Kombination As the most tunes of this essential AMIGA JAZZ album is also KOMBINATION very experimental, with free parts and style switches. It’s 12:03 minute long and so it takes also […]

Atmosfear ‎– First / Fourmost

Atmosfear ‎ First / Fourmost – Elite ‎– ATM 33-1 UK 1984 Extract Yes exactly EXTRACT is this days my favorite track on this essential 12″ by the British Disco-Jazz band ATMOSFEAR. But all the four spacey tunes on this 33⅓ RPM Mini-LP are great […]

Pete York’s New York ‎– Into The Furnace

Pete York’s New York ‎ Into The Furnace – TELDEC ‎– 6.24463 Germany 1980 Now I Know Soulful snatchy grooving vocal tune. Deep and powerful sound for a four men group. Between Rock and Jazz Pete York, an serious British drummer, from 1963 until 1968 […]

R. Fogù / C. Taormina – Jumping

R. Fogù / C. Taormina Jumping – Edipan ‎– MPS 3014 Italy 1977 Africa I love this dope and relaxed flute tune called AFRICA. Spiced up with some slightly kitschy strings and some rococo harpsichord sounds. But all well balanced. Nice and groovy Italian movie […]

Gianni Oddi ‎– 4 ODDI

Gianni Oddi 4 ODDI – RCA Italiana – TPL1-1075 Italy 1974 Teenager One of the interesting albums by the Italian saxophonist Gianni Oddi and TEENAGER is my favorite tune on this one. Dope beats, funky wah wah, a breeze of strings and yeah, this deep […]

Lino / P. Castiglione ‎– Clouds

Lino / Pasquale Castiglione Clouds – Octopus Records ‎– OTP 0293 Italy 1975 Games The slightly African influenced and extraordinary grooving flute tune GAMES is my long time favorite on this lovely Italian Library album. Hot Groovy Records As many Italian Library and Soundtrack albums […]

Mombasa – ‎African Rhythms & Blues

Mombasa ‎ African Rhythms & Blues – Spiegelei ‎– 26 564-5 U Germany 1975 Nairobi The non-circular grooving soulful Jazz tune NAIROBI is my favorite on this first MOMBASA album. If you also had the chance to ride with the notorious “Lunatic Express” from Nairobi […]

Mombasa – Mombasa 2 (African Rhythms & Blues)

Mombasa Mombasa 2 (African Rhythms & Blues) – Spiegelei ‎– INT 160.049 Germany 1976 African Hustle Groovy Afro-Jazz vocal tune with a interesting brocken beat, my all-time favorite tune on this album. Mombasa 2 The second and also essential LP of the formation MOMBASA around […]

Fuchs-Goos-Band ‎– Chameleon 2

Fuchs-Goos-Band ‎ Chameleon 2 – Software Music ‎– sowa 105 Germany 1981 Jazz-Zyklus 1 Another superb and seldom seen Jazz record on the lovely, local and familiar working SOFTWARE label. German drummer Joachim Fuchs-Charrier and Jazz guitarist Werner Goos are the headliners of this formation. […]

Jiggs Whigham ‎– Hope

Jiggs Whigham Hope – Telefunken – 6.23008 Germany 1977 Absolutely Knot HOPE is a very delicious, high quality German Jazz release. Jiggs Whigham, an excellent trombonist, recorded this album 1976 in Cologne with some great European Jazz musicians. Contains the lovely ABSOLUTELY KNOT with a […]

Rachel Gould – Chet Baker ‎– All Blues

Rachel Gould – Chet Baker All Blues – Bingow Records ‎– BGW 3103 France 1979 Phil’s Bossa Sweet and wonderful female vocal Bossa tune written by guitar player John Paul Florens. My little highlight on this in general great and relaxed Jazz album by vocalist […]

Roland Kovac New Set – God Means Joy

Roland Kovac New Set God Means Joy – Selected Sound ‎– 9022 Germany 1972 As You Like It AS YOU LIKE IT, my favorite tune on this overall good album. The Roland Kovac New Set is a formation of some genius well-respected European Jazz and […]