Charly Kingson ‎– Dance to the music


Charly Kingson ‎
Dance To The Music

CK 001


Jazz Welle Plus Hamburg

To make the three in a row with all the Charly Kingson releases complete, we have here the album DANCE TO THE MUSIC. If I got that right it’s complete privately produced and released by himself. The concrete year of this release is unknown but it sounds more 80s like than his first album which was recorded 1978 at the legendary Studio 70, Munich.

This second album is recorded in Hamburg. This fact supports the stories and rumors that the Afro-Jamaican bass player Charly Kingson lived, rooted in the local “Hamburger Jazzszene”, for many years in Hamburg.

One crazily story about Charly Kingson in Hamburg I heard first-hand from a friend who had a radio show on Jazz Welle Plus Hamburg during the 90s. One day he played BORN IN AFRICA and Charly Kingson was phone in the radio station just to say how happy he was to hear his song at the radio.

Musikklub Onkel Pö

On the cover backside you can see a picture that shows Charly Kingson on stage of the legendary jazz and music club Onkel Pö’s Carnegie Hall.


A1 Dance To The Music
A2 Happy People
A3 Give Me One More Day

B1 I Love You
B2 Do It (Iy You Feel It)
B3 Party (Party Time)
B4 Paulina

All songs written, composed and arranged by: Charly Kingson (Charlie Kingue Soppo)

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Charly Kingson ‎
Dance To The Music

CK 001